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Mr.kissan Essencials We are a FMCG manufacturing company dedicated to delivering high quality consumer products to house hold around the world with a rich heritage and a commitment to innovation . We have serving our customers for 15 years with the excellence and integrity.

Our Mission

Enhance the everyday lives of consumers by providing them with exceptional and personal care products that are reliable , safe and convenient .we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations while contributing the over well being and happiness of individuals and society.

Quality and innovation

We place a strong empathize on quality and innovations constantly striving to products ,that not only meet the highest industry standers but also anticipate a adapt to evolving customer needs .our equate team of experts utilizes cutting –edge technology and advance research and rigorous testing to ensure that our products deliver superior performance and customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, we listen attentively to their needs and feed backs and we continuously strive exceeded their expectations by understanding and anticipating customer trends. That makes their lives easier hygienic and healthcare.

Dedicated team

Our success is driven by expectation team of dedicated professional. We nature a culture of creativity and a continues learning, empowering our employs to fulfill the customer satisfaction.

CEO Of Mr.Kissan

Kissan Justin Is The CEO Of Mr.Kissan brand FMCG Products since 2011 as the CEO Kissan Justin Is responsible for deriving growth and operations .Across the country with the vision to democratize E-Commerce Platform in India in the name of “Price tag digital“.Kissan Justin has the leading various characters at Mr.Kissan Web Links PVT LTD for full fill the basic needs of manufacturer as well as farmer to market their products in a dynamic platform in E commercein The name of” Price Tag Digial” Kissan Justin Played a major role in customers who want to know their product price and availability in internet business throughout India and helping suppliers and farmers to become a home grown E-Commerce market place with a vision of building and inclusive ecosystem .He Developed a port folio that ran across category operations in marketing, Customer shopping Experience, B2B platforms, E-Commerce add Retail and private labeling. Under his mission Indian farmers and MSME manufactures can expand their marketing strategy in to significant new categories like agriculture product as well as grocery. In future ionic Innovations like market assistance with the support of regional languages. In an earlier experience with the different FMCG company kissan justin served as interim official in 2001.An E-Commerce platform kissan justin has served as the CEO at trigger global managing the Digital Traffic India.

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